The Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) introduces Port Phillip’s vision for our city and sets the basis for local content in the planning scheme. It provides an overview of important planning issues within the municipality and outlines the strategic directions for planning in Port Phillip.

The MPS will replace content currently located in the Municipal Strategic Statement (Clause 21).

It is divided into four parts:

The Context (Clause 02.01 of the Port Phillip Planning Scheme) translates the existing provision Clause 21.02 (Municipal Context and Profile).

This provision has been updated in line with the Council Plan 2017-2027 (City of Port Phillip) and updated context information.

The Vision (Clause 02.02 of the Port Phillip Planning Scheme) is a new clause created to comply with Victorian Government changes to the form and content of planning schemes and does not translate any existing clause.

It reflects the directions outlined in the Council Plan 2017-2027 (City of Port Phillip).

The Strategic Directions (Clause 02.03 of the Port Phillip Planning Scheme) set out the overarching directions that the planning scheme seeks to achieve.

The strategic directions have been a policy neutral translation except for updating some policy in line with the following documents and strategies adopted by Council:

These documents have also been added as background documents to the Port Phillip Planning Scheme.

Otherwise the content has largely come from existing planning policy at Clause 21.01 (Vision and Approach), Clause 21.02 (Municipal Context and Profile), Clause 21.03 (Ecologically Sustainable Development), Clause 21.04 (Land Use), Clause 21.05 (Built Form), Clause 21.06 (Neighbourhoods), Clause 22.12 Stormwater Management [Water Sensitive Urban Design]) and Clause 22.15 (Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Policy).

This document shows where each part of the new policy has come from.

The Strategic Framework Plans (Clause 02.04 of the Port Phillip Planning Scheme) contain the maps and plans to be read in conjunction with the strategic directions in the previous clause (Clause 02.05 Strategic Directions).

These are new maps, however the content has been based on existing provisions and documents.

They translate information from various planning provisions currently in the planning scheme scheme.