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We’ve heard from some in our community that they’d like the opportunity to meet the project team and ask questions in person for this consultation. Due to rising COVID-19 cases in Victoria, we're running two interactive Q&A sessions online rather than face-to-face. You'll still be able to meet the project team and ask them questions during the sessions. Check out the tab below for more information.

Why are we updating our nature strip guidelines?

Recent lockdowns in Melbourne over the past year has seen an increase in residents gardening on nature strips across Port Phillip.

Council is reviewing its existing Nature Strip Guidelines, which were developed in 2013, to support this growing community interest. We’ve spent time developing new draft Nature Strip Guidelines that aim to provide clear directions on how residents and businesses can safely garden on our nature strips.

The new draft guidelines provide the community with information on nature strips, including:

  • ways to maintain safety and accessibility
  • how raised planter boxes can be used
  • the inclusion of safe, edible gardens
  • maintaining healthy street trees
  • protection of public assets
  • the impact of public works on nature strips.

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The new draft guidelines include requirements for planting such as:

  • distances from intersections
  • distance from pedestrian crossings
  • distances from kerbs
  • distances from service pits
  • distances from trees and tree trunks
  • plant heights
  • planting below street trees
  • maintaining the existing ground level
  • where planter boxes can be installed.

These requirements are included to ensure the safety of pedestrians, people gardening and people working on infrastructure as well as good long-term health of trees in the City of Port Phillip.

The new draft guidelines don’t include centre median strips and laneways:

  • Centre median strips are maintained by Council and residents are not permitted to plant in this area for safety reasons.
  • Laneways must remain clear and accessible at all times. Garden beds and planter boxes are considered obstructions.

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