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Overview of the HO7 Review

The HO7 Review is part of Council’s on-going Heritage Program to strengthen and update planning controls applying to heritage precincts.

The Heritage Overlay 7 (HO7) precinct is a large heritage precinct and applies heritage controls to a number of properties in Elwood, St Kilda, Balaclava and Ripponlea. The study area focuses on the HO7 precinct and its surrounds, which also includes parts of St Kilda East. These areas are under review to ensure that all heritage places within this precinct are appropriately recognised and protected and that existing heritage controls and associated documentation are up to date.

The Review comprises the following reports:

The report recommends a series of changes to the application of the Heritage Overlay (HO) in the Port Phillip Planning Scheme.

Findings and recommendations

In summary, the changes proposed as part of the draft Review include:

  • Breaking up the HO7 precinct into 8 smaller, more cohesive precincts, each with a distinct history, character and significance.

    This map shows the proposed precincts and the new precinct citations section of the Document Library contains all heritage documentation relating to the proposed precincts.

    • Include 19 new places and six new group listings in individual heritage overlays.

    This map shows the proposed individual places and group listings. The citations can be found in the new individual citations and the new group listings sections of the Document Library.

    • Three precinct citations have been updated (HO315, HO316 and HO317), including extension of the precinct boundary of HO316.

    The citations can be found in the updated precinct citations section of the Document Library..

    • Updates the details contained in the heritage documentation for 89 existing individual places

    The citations can be found in the updated individual citations section of the Document Library.

    • Revise a number of heritage gradings for properties that already exist in the Heritage Overlay.

    All documents prepared as part of the Review on this page are available in the ‘Document Library’. Your letter should detail where to find information relating to your specific property address.

    An overview of the changes proposed as part of the Review for each individual property address can be found in this list.

    Community feedback will be used to refine the findings and recommendations of the Review and will be presented to Council when it considers the final Review in September 2022. Any individuals or groups who provide feedback on the report will be invited to attend this Council meeting.

    At the meeting Council will decide whether to implement the changes recommended in the Review into the Port Phillip Planning Scheme through a planning scheme amendment process. This process involves statutory notification to all affected property owners providing a further opportunity for input.

    Commencing in 2017/18, Council’s ongoing Heritage Program is systematically reviewing our heritage precincts to ensure places of heritage value are protected, and our heritage controls are robust and up-to-date. Now in its sixth year, the Program takes an incremental, continuous improvement approach to ensure the City retains its valued heritage character and amenity into the future for all to enjoy.

    To find out more, please visit Council’s Heritage program page.